Litchfields Agricultural Services is a family owned and operated company established in 1981, and began operations in 1972.

We are Agricultural Contractors specialising in maize production, we aim to cover all aspects of the industry from preparing the ground and planting to harvesting and selling of maize related products. With a variety of Services to choose from; agricultural contracting, leasing land, delivering fertiliser, & supplying & delivering maize directly to the farm, we’re sure that if you’ll be happy working with us.

About us

Our Vision

we are a reliable efficient and effective company which works with local farmers to cover all aspects of the cropping process, and to offer our products to customers nationwide.

Why Maize?


In the early 70's farmers were very much do it your selfers and the idea of helping out neighbours in need was a commonplace task. when one person bought a piece of machinery the neighbouring farmers needed, they would help eachother out by loaning or leasing the machinery out, in the small farming community of tirau, maize was grown in fields as supplement feed for the cows, the demand was high enough to buy a harvester and a planter, from there people further away required our services and eventually a company was created, after moving to Te Puke and finding an area in need of our services the company was able to grow to what it is today. this same  helping out mentality still exists as we offer advice and professional experience for any querry about grain, ground work and other agricultural services that you may need.

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